Pictures of Camels & Day 14

6/07/2007 10:54:00 AM Edit This 2 Comments »

As you can see Alexis is as wonderful as ever. The goats are in front of the dump and as you know the camels are behind it. We had quit the day.


Lynn said...

Hi Lou Ann-
We love the updates & pictures, I check your blog multiple times aday.
Oh those bathroom pictures!
Those camels are something else, they look very DIRTY!
It's been nice here, not too hot or rainy.
Take Care & say Hi to Mom & Lexie!!

MaggieD said...

Hi Lou Ann:
Lexie couldn't be more beautiful!! I love checking the blog everyday. I'm obsessed. We are praying for court on the 12th and then it's all down hill from there. At least you can have Lexie with you which will make the time pass quicker. You'll be in Almaty before you know it. That part is pretty easy. I love the stories and loved seeing the camels. The closest we got in Astana was the art on the wall. Nice to know the apartments are all decorated the same. The rugs and couches must be standard decor because that is what ours looked like-only a lovely zebra print. Well, Lexie looks like she has been with her mama forever. You look so happy. It just gets better every day!! We are so happy for you. Have you found the rice and carrots that they cook in a big cast iron bowl?? If you can find that, it is pretty good.(and safe-no mystery meat)That is what we ate for a month straight-that and bread. Good thing you took the oatmeal!!! Well, enjoy your weekend and we have our fingers crossed for a speedy court date and a happy judge. Great job on the blog. It is so much fun to read. Take care.