Pictures for Day 10

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I did something wrong so I couldn't load the pictures for Day 10 with the writing but hopefully I can do it now. Thank goodness for the cell phone I rented because I just call Zina and then hand the phone to the attendant. As most of you know I'm can break a computer simply by walking into a room so it's good to know some things never change.


MaggieD said...

Hi Lou Ann:
It is so true how they think anything cold is the culprit for colds etc. I gave Jonathan ice water in his bottle and you would have thought I had given him poison. I was quickly repremanded and had to put it away-at least until the next day and then I was a little smarter about how I gave it to him. Lexie is just beautiful. She looks so healthy and happy with her mamma. Isn't it WONDERFUL. I so remember the feelings of just wanting to get Jonathan out of there-as good as it was-it was still hard. I'm so glad you get to take her back the apartment with you after court. That will make that waiting period go by so much faster. You are almost done with the bonding time and we are praying for a speedy court date. How is the Caspian Sea and how is the city? Do you have much to do in between visits or are you pretty busy and exhausted. You'll just get used to the time change and it will be time to come home. I guess that isn't all bad though is it. Well, take care. We love seeing the pictures and hearing the stories. Bryan and I are re-living last year through you. At the time didn't seem like much but looking back it was great. Hey-the J-man thinks Lexie is pretty cute. He loves to look at the pictures....Take care.
Maggie, Bryan, Rachael and Jonathan

Jules said...

You You she is just precious!!! My fav pics are the ones in the hats. She wears them so well :) I still can't believe when you get back you will be a Mommy!!! Woo hooooo!!
Love you, Julie