Pictures I hope

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SilentGoddess said...

I have said it before, I will say it again...
She is just an absolute doll! She even LOOKS like you Lou Ann!!
I check your blog several time a day for updates and nearly jump out of my seat when there are new pictures and posts. Hope you can get your internet up and running for your sanity's sake (and for my own selfish reason of hoping that will mean more updates ;)
I am counting the days with you.
Much love to you all,

SecretAgentT said...

OMG!!!! She's so flippin' GORGEOUS!!!!'s true...she actually resembles a QUAST!!! How'd y'all pull that one off??? I can't wait to meet the newest member of "my people"...oh she is truly a D.O.L.L.!!!!!! MORE PICTURES, MORE PICTURES!!!! Stay safe and give kisses all around from the Gunther's...SWAK ~ Tam

Jules said...

You You! She is sooooooo CUTE!!!!!
She looks VERY happy and content with you. It must make you really feel like MOMMIE huh? I am still just overjoyed to witness such an awe-inspiring event. It's awesome to be able to share this part of your life with you. Thanks!!!!
Can't wait to see and hear more.
Love you,

Lisa said...

Hey Mama!!! Love all the pics! What a beautiful girl. Have you considered nicknaming her "mini me"? I'm so excited for the both of you. Huge hugs and kisses to the both Mama and her precious little one.
Love- Lisa

Sally Richards said...

Hi Lou Ann,

I have been following your efforts through Lynn and am so pleased that your persistence has finally paid off in the biggest way. Congratulations to you and Lexie, who has come as close to winning the lottery as a child could.


sal sal

Mike said...

How beautiful she is! I'll bet your loved ones are as excited for your safe return as you. How did you create a little doll that looks just like you!!!
Mike C