Better Days!!

4/21/2010 11:03:00 PM Edit This 5 Comments »
First I must say thank you to everyone for their outpouring of love and concern. I have a wonderful family and terrific friends who helped me through this tough couple of weeks but it is truly heartwarming to know how many "virtual" friends took time from their busy lives to check in on Lexie & I and to send their thoughts and prayers our way. Thank you kind friends - you really helped.
And here is the results of all those thoughts and prayers!! My Princess Lexie Lou had a great day today at dance class (unlike last week where she sat in the corner for 20 minutes crying until I took her home.) She was so excited to show all her friends and Ms Tanya her new "dance tutu" as she calls her leotard. Children really are amazingly resilient! She even remembered most of the routine they will be preforming at the end of June. Here's a little preview:

How cute are they? As you can see Lexie's now lost 4 pounds off her tiny little frame bringing her back down to 31 lbs. She hasn't been this weight in almost 2 year. So it's ice cream for breakfast for the next couple of months!
Lexie even went back to pre-school for half a day today. They were terrific with her making sure she drank a lot and watching everything that she ate. She can't have anything that could re-open her scabs like chips, cookies or toast - nothing rough. They were so diligent they didn't let her have a mini cupcake one of the mom's brought in for her daughter's birthday. They did save if for Lexie and I let her have it on the ride home. So we are going to keep positive thoughts and hope that we live a simple boring life for the next 10 days until she is completely healed.
Thanks again for all your support - ice cream for everyone!!!!